Kilgrave is EVERYWHERE! [Jessica Jones]


Jessica Jones is Marvel’s second television show to premiere on the online streaming service of Netflix. Jessica Jones follows, well.. Jessica Jones and her life after she has escaped the menacing hands of Kilgrave A.K.A, Purple Man. In a quick explanation, Kilgrave has the ability to control the mind and actions of the people who are under his powers. Jesssica basically faces PTSD and is psychologically distraught over the time (months) she spent AUK (acting under Kilgrave). I’m not going to review if this show was good (it was amazing) and I am not going to discuss if Kilgrave was a great villain (he is probably Marvel’s best) but I am going to show one of my favorite components of Jessica Jones, the directing. Kilgrave is Purple Man, yet this name is never used in the show. Certainly some viewers of the show are not aware of his alternate namesake…

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