Life Question #1

If white supremacists and neo-nazis march into my town do I counter-protest or completely ignore them entirely?

The former explicitly shows them that their ideologies are not supported if there is a mass counter-protest. Nonetheless their intentions are probably to elicit a response to bring more attention and hatred into our world. So is the latter the right answer…?


4 thoughts on “Life Question #1

  1. I think the real challenge/responsibility is to be able to assemble and/or counter-protest nonviolently. You’re right, any sort of aggressive action gives them what they want. They get the chance fight and the footage to sell the vision of themselves as the “persecuted white minority.” The goal is to be able to oppose that without giving in to their demands. I honestly believe the resistance in general needs to anchor itself in nonviolence. Dr. King had many detailed trainings on how to resist agitators and the police with nonviolence, how to handle the fire houses, gas, and angry chanting/physical harassment without giving in to the violence. I think that’s what we’ll all need to learn and to ground ourselves in going forward.

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    1. Well said! I think that it’s a natural instinct of human beings to counter someone/something that comes into direct conflict with what they stand for. I know a lot of violence in Charlottesville by the counter protestors was out of self defense. Hadn’t neo-nazis and white supremacists gathered no one would’ve got hurt or, sadly, killed, in the first place however.

      Charlottesville unfortunately sparked a vicious cycle of more hatred, which I can only think is what the white supremacists wanted. I can imagine that after the death of Heather many people are going to want to fight fire with fire. And to an extent, it’s understandable that people may want to after enduring this vicious cycle for so long ( I myself am not one who would resort to violence though)

      It’s sad that we are having this conversation in 2017 but important that we are aware of the situation and try are best to express what’s wrong here.

      I hope to keep condemning Trump and explore how him being in office created more hatred and worsened racial tensions in an already socially fragile USA.

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      1. And THAT is the real first step in the resistance. I honestly believe our coming together, raising our voices, pointing out injustice where we see it, and trying to stimulate dialogue is where the revolution begins. I know it’s not as easy as “let’s just talk/hug it all out!” but speaking truth to power is always a vitally important step in the process.

        To everything else you’ve said, all I can offer is a heartfelt AMEN. I’m with you.

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