I’ve always had a vast imagination but couldn’t find a way to express my ideas, let alone find someone who would listen to me. At around 16 years old, I was introduced to the world of blogging and from blogging, WordPress. A place where I could finally share my opinions and ideas where literally anyone and everyone would be open to listen. No one could have any prejudgments of my character or lack interest in my words solely based off who I was. If my writing was good or my content enticing, I could get people to listen. Hence, I write here on 4therace with the intention to target everyone and anyone. No demographic is singled out nor is a demographic the single intended reader. Although film and television related posts are quite evident, they aren’t solely written for the cinephile but also the casual movie goer. You’ll find posts on music, politics, race relations, comic books, and anxiety. This blog is never restricted to one area of interest and, like me, is forever growing and continuously changing.

So for a late introduction…Hi! My name is Fabrice Nozier and I welcome you to 4therace! A bridge from an 18-year-old’s imagination to your screen.