I am American, Jersey born, but left the States with a quarter left in my first year of middle school. Life took me to Tanzania where I have lived for the past 5 years and still live today. My move to East Africa has allowed me to view our modern societies in a variety of perspectives. As a result I often find myself having multiple perceptions of the universe and all the matter it consists of.  My over analytical thinking and constant ruminations has led me to create this blog. Instead of keeping  my thoughts, ideas and opinions cramped in my brain, I decided to share them on my digital scape. On 4therace you may find topics on the issues of modern society, analyses of my my favorite films or television series, perhaps even a post or two on time travel and a couple of posts on comic books and even the ubiquitous comic book movies.  4therace is an attempt, by an 18- year-old (who is so optimistic that he believes he can also be a pessimist), to express the world’s inside his brain on this digital scape.