The majority of this site’s content does discuss my love for film and television. However, 4therace was originally intended to reach out to audience members who lived in single parent households and suffered from anxiety. Worried that I would not be able to properly share my personal struggles in writing, I ultimately scratched this idea and began to publish much of the creative content that plagues the site today. As of late, I have decided to finally open up and share my anxieties with the world hoping that I may also help others who also suffer from the disorder.

Anxiety is something that I wish to discuss more and more here on 4therace. Hopefully, down the line I can connect and possibly help a few of the millions of people out there that suffer from anxiety. Although this site didn’t begin in the manner I expected, much of its content is still written with the aim to better people. Whether it be a review of Wonder Woman or an analysis of Codename: Kids Next Door, this blog is written for everyone and anyone, hence “4therace”. Anxiety is just the next big step in this journey.