A short story by Fabrice Nozier 

“Amelio,” Ms. Farajah said. “It’s called Amelio”. Sitting at her red clothed roundtable were Ms. Faraja’s first visitors in years, Owen and Anne. “It’ll open her right up. She won’t be able to stop talking,” her elderly voice cracked.  After Anne’s husband of three years and high-school sweetheart had suddenly passed away, Owen had done his very best to ease the great emotional pain of his longtime friend. He had tried everything from joint therapy sessions – he was a friend of Anne’s husband as well – to walks in the park, to meditation but all of them led nowhere. The overly bombastic, lively friend Owen once knew in his college days was now shrunken down to a nearly mute woman. Looking down at the jar of the red gelatin substance in front of them, Owen said to Ms. Faraja, “So it’s like a truth serum?”. The frail old lady shook her head “No, it’s Amelio,” she rasped back with her distinctive Mediterranean accent. “She will finally start talking like you asked but whether it’s the truth or a lie… we’ll never know”. Owen stared at his emotionless friend, back at the jar of  Amelio and around Ms. Faraja’s weird apartment. Light had barely shone through the thick red curtains but the rooms were just bright enough to see the beady eyes of taxidermied owls. Clocks of all shapes and sizes were scattered across all walls ticking in unison. Tick! Ms. Faraja took a spoonful of the Amelio and smudged it on Owen’s head while he was distracted by the strange aesthetic of her apartment. “Now let’s begin,” she said.

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Dreams. An Interference by Beings of an Imperceptible Plane

Perhaps dreams are simply an interference from beings who reside on another, imperceptible, plane of space and time. These beings exist only suggest or design the imaginary scape that we call dreams. They are the factors which alter the physics in our dreams, place the characters/projections, the landscape and the idea. Sort of what Cobb and his crew did in Inception………

Maybe they exist solely to implant an idea or event which influences how we think and how we perceive reality. Maybe they  are the ones who consistently create the inconsistent, non-linear stories of our dreams every night. Perhaps they are the cause of us sometimes not remembering the most intriguing, strange and adventurous dreams because the revealed too much of the truth. Perhaps they are Cosmic Owl from Adventure Time.

Another theory ? A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

Dreams. A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

A question which troubles me on the daily is the meaning of dreams. There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories to what the meanings of dreams are. All of which I have considered but have not entirely accepted. After having a dream journal for about a year and half now, I have seen a pattern in my dreams. They grow more vivid, more lucid, less-linear, more unique, even disturbing at times the more I record them in this journal. What I’ve found increasingly strange is how my dreams often match my realities, how they often become too similar to the events of my life. Since the creation of my dream journal, I have devised multiple theories to the meaning of dreams. My favorite? The subconscious ability to glimpse in to present and alternate timelines.

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For the past year I wanted to share the troubling topics that circle my head with the world.  Finding the appropriate platform or source of media that could successfully express these thoughts with citizens of the globe was what I found most difficult. Only of late have I concluded that the most effective way to get in touch with the world was through the creation of my own blog here at WordPress.  Through investigation our world on personal and global perspectives, this blog will discuss the issues of today and question our unknown future that will become the realities of tomorrow.