A Post When You Have Already Finished

One of the aspects of life I ruminate the most on is indefinitely time. I often linger in my thoughts, in my sleep, questioning and hoping one day I unravel how it works. If it exists only to the human race as a unit in order to quantify what we call life. If there exists anti-time, a dimension elsewhere, or even elsewhen, where the you that woke up this morning has just awoken. At this very line, is there a me who has completed the post. Perhaps if I close this laptop and rest that me is erased and I proved that he hasn’t existed but I created a me who currently lays in bed  haven’t I? Is there even a past, present or future? I mean the past was once a present future. Once the present happens it’s already the past and the future is simply an already passing present. Is it out of our cognitive abilities to linger outside our 3-dimensional prison? Is lingering in to the 4th dimension the next stage of evolution? Do such beings already exist?

Ask yourself this here and now “do I remember when I started reading this? Is there a me out there who has just started reading or a me that has always finished? Why do I keep following my time shadow?”

Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban)

Back to ruminating over time travel plots. This time over a movie that is in one of my favorite franchises, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I am assuming that readers of this post (Potterheads) are familiar with the story, especially when the time turner is used.

Some of the main events of the time turner sequences follow (roughly):

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Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Back to the Future)

The following posts will be on a topic that I have a love hate relationship with, Time Travel. I enjoy watching most Time Travel movies, with the exception that they do it right (which is basically never) , and love analyzing the alternate timelines that the protagonist and their companions create when breaking the space-time continuum (the typical time travel plot). My analysis on these films often turn into confusion of continuity, discussion with friends, myself drawing out the timelines on paper and finally concluding that the entire plot of the film was completely impossible. My dream is to travel through space and time. Venture through alternate realities. I only wish that time travel films could make the idea seem more plausible. But unfortunately they don’t. The 1980s classic ‘Back to the Future’, one of my favorite time travel films, is one that completely destroys the possibility of time travel.(note: if you have not seen this film, fix that now please).

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