My Love For Film

A long time ago, not too far back I’m only 18, movies were just movies to me.  Then in 2008 a film called The Dark Knight came out which generated so much buzz at the time that it even caught the attention of my nine-year-old self. Unfortunately, I did not catch one of the 21st century’s best films in theaters but was lucky enough to watch it OnDemand. Without a doubt Christopher Nolan’s Batman epic changed the way I watched movies forever. The Dark Knight was not only the best movie I had ever watched in my life, mind you I was only nine, but it was the most sophisticated.  It taught me that movies could make you feel anything. Scared, excited and immersed. Heath Ledger’s now iconic Joker showed me that acting could become embodiment. The Dark Knight showed me that films could be complex, layered, and even philosophical. That sometimes they can be so fantastic that you forget that the real world exists.

Needless to say that I watched The Dark Knight 10 times that year and to this very date I analyze every single frame of it. Nolan and Batman introduced me to the beautiful world of cinema. From Nolan I strangely discovered Michael Bay and from Bay to Spielberg, and from Spielberg, Scorsese. Subsequently Lucas (of course), Zemeckis, Ridley Scott, Tarantino and Wes Anderson, Godard and the French New Wave , Hitchcock and Welles, then Kubrick and so on and so forth. Movies became so much more than a 2 hour spectacle but an art form that I grew to love and appreciate. Film is my love and passion. Film is my escape from the world when I need to run away. Film is a large piece of me and I want to share it with you here on 4therace.

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