Through The Looking Glass



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Short Term 12 and Realism

Recently, I watched the film Short Term 12 which absolutely blew my mind away. Within 90 minutes I became a Brie Larson fan, Joel P Wests score enchanted me and I had a new addition to my 100 favorite films list (coming soon). To put it simply, Short Term 12 is about the complex relationship between a couple who work at a treatment facility for kids with troubled pasts.  Usually I am great with expressing why I love a particular film, but for some reason Short Term 12 left me speechless. I have yet to think of a phrase, let alone some adjectives, to why I love this film so much. It was indeed a “hearttugger”, it made me tear up, the messages were positive, there were strong child actors, but better than all  I admired its realism.

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