Aldous Huxley’s “Island” – A Novel of Enlightenment

Aldous Huxley’s “Island”, published in 1962, is set in the fictional island of “Pala” where science and Buddhism coexist to establish a utopian society. Pala follows protagonist Will Farnaby who was sent on a mission to persuade the Rani (the leader of Pala) to give the rights to Pala’s untapped oil reserves. Farnaby’s mission immediately takes a detour as he sides with the Palanese people in their fight to protect their safe haven against the westernized world. When I bought the book I was unsure what the content behind the front cover would withhold. To my surprise, Huxley’s unconventional story enlightened me just as much as the Palanese people enlightened the westernized Will Farnaby.Island is a novel for people of all ages and these are my five reasons why you should read it.

P.S. there are 95 more reasons but quality over quantity.

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