Pi : A Mathematical, yet, Spiritual Lens of Reality

Pi, like any of Aronofsky’s works, requests viewers to depart from their reality and take a step inside the paranoid and overly analytical mind of its protagonist, Max Cowen. Max, a gifted Mathematician, spends most, if not all, of the day cooped up his small New York City apartment studying numerical patterns processed from his customized computer. With his mathematical prowess and computer, Max is able to fully predict the outcome of entire systems involving numbers such as the stock exchange.

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And Then The Darkness Came [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 3 of how “us” began.

The 6 Guardians, also known as The “Sixths”, acknowledged the awareness of the Fourths and watched the advanced society peacefully from their post. “Time”, as a Third would say,  passed and Darkness never reached Earth. God, The Leader, was so very impressed with The 6, that he offered them to leave their posts and help in the “push” through the cosmos. All accepted but only 5 Guardians went. God appointed one to stay and oversee the post at Earth. This Sixth kindly understood God’s request and remained at his post. The other 5 Guardians returned and left, left and returned, leaving the lonely Sixth distraught. He questioned “Why?” to God, to which God responded “Do you not see? When I reach the end of my ‘push’ there will be enough posts [worlds] for each of this cosmos’s Guardians to oversee and you all will be ‘Gods’ yourself”. The Sixth responded with joy and pleaded God to forget his questioning. God, of course, accepted. The other six Guardians and God continued their “push” through our cosmos.

Alone at his post, the lonely Sixth realized something “one day” in the Third, our society. It was Darkness. “How had it ‘slipped’ through?” questioned the Sixth. For the first “time”, the Sixth left the post and intervened in our world, the Third………

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