What Have I been Watching: Movies [March]

Because I had Spring Break in the middle of the month and school work semi-ended, I was able to revert back to my old ways and devoured several hours of movies! Some were Oscar nominated films that I missed in theaters, others were small indie films, one classic film, and a couple of films I watched were actually featured in my most anticipated March movies list.

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Reaper is Ambiguous

“You know what I really mean? I don’t get it. Why are some of us so indifferent about it? Movies and TV certainly have something to do with it. They shrug off character deaths sometimes like it’s a nothing. It has influenced us ya know? Now we don’t… ya know feel so emotional towards it. We just use the words death and dying with so much, ya know, carelessness. But it’s a special word ya know. “Dying”. It’s the only verb where ya know nothing succeeds the action. After we jump we fall, after running we stop, after sleeping we wake.? After dying we nothing.”.

He stared out into his family’s vast yard. The porch light and his parent’s room upstairs had barely illuminated the end of the pathway. He stared out in the blackness knowing very well that there was a straight walkway leading into his large garden. Over the creak of his rocking chair and some hoots he continued.

“But I mean” as he looked over in the other chair, “you must know all about it. I mean, no one knows what I am talking about except you right?” The slight movement in the other chair insinuated a nod. “Do you think they’ll understand?” as he pointed upstairs, “I mean no one does. Ya know? Anyways…” he said underneath his breath “we goin now or what?”.

Slowly the mass in the other chair stood up and began walking down the stairs into the darkness of the pathway.

“Alright then!” he said “Ma! Pa! I am going out!”.

At the brink of light from the house, he could see the Reaper tilting his head down the path hinting the boy to follow. When he caught up to the Reaper he questioned “Now what?”. To which the Reaper dismissed and looked straight down the dark pathway. The boy shrugged off this gesture and looked once more at the faint glow of his house before continuing his walk with a new friend.